Upon A Throne of Hate

by Your Pain is Endearing

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released August 13, 2013

Music and Lyrics by Jason Eick
Guitars: Jason Eick Bass: Kemal Ure Vocals: Rob Robles
Drums Performed and Recorded by Anthony Lusk- Simone
Recorded And Mixed at Heavy Sound Studios
Produced by Jason Eick
Mastered by Zeuss
Artwork by Rhett of Machine Room Design



all rights reserved


Your Pain is Endearing Boston, Massachusetts

Your Pain Is Endearing is a modern death metal band from Boston, MA. Though they draw influence and inspiration for the current state of music, they do not seek to follow trends. Their musical journey is far more personal and the music reflects their need to satisfy these individual urges. They has combined devastating brutality and technical mastery, along with a thirst for pure aggression. ... more

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Track Name: The Taste of Flesh
What have I done
I can’t recall
did I come bearing teeth
or was this a reaction to you
what have I done,
I can’t recall.

My memory is blurred
was I watching as if I were dreaming
am I truly capable of such a thing

It’s been years since that fateful night
I can still picture your eyes
as I squeeze out your life.

I have kept this demon inside
locked away from the world
but theses walls
cannot continue to contain

Was I made this way
did I choose this path
am I a product of environment
so twisted and ugly
this monster was my only choice to survive

I long for that moment, bathed in blood
to relive my transformation
I am reborn in your death
my first cannot be my last

This is too overwhelming
nothing can replace or repress
to follow this curse is the only choice left

I found my place
among the dead
to my end
I live with the dead

I sink my teeth into you
and feel the blood flow before decay
your breath fills my life
my need is fulfilled
with this taste of flesh
I am whole
Track Name: Upon A Throne of Hate
Stand with me now
in this dark hour clouded
a hope flickers
brothers it's time to be great
to lead by action
idle words carry no weight
give meaning to actions
push aside empty promises

And who will judge the dead
for the lives they've led
in a world plagued with corruption and greed
the consequences of man
bury us in hate fear and poverty

The serpents slither
as the devil walks among us
hate carries a human face

No savior waits for you
to wash the blood from your hands
false idols and false hope
is the fall of man

I see the faithful as the cowards they are
as the weak continue to kneel
you mistake my silence as submission
I will never bend a knee to your will

freedom lies within my heart and mind

With our backs against the wall
you test the courage within
knuckles clenched, faced with death
we will fight, to the last breath

When standing face to face with tyranny
I choose to fight death rather than succumb
to the chains of the oppressed

Overcome with a thirst for power
and here you sit upon a throne of hate
with the world dying beneath you.

No matter how many of us you kill
you'll never be able to silence us all.
Track Name: Witness Carnage
you sever limb from limb
trying to break our hearts
but we are unified in tragedy
our spirit is strong and will overcome any misery
This war waged on city streets
the innocent suffer before my eyes
memories of what I call home
stained in the blood of children

Were these deaths in vain
did they give meaning to your cause
you try to ignite worlds hate
you have lost faith in humanity

yet we embrace our neighbor as brother
calling them our own
we stand on the streets of dead men

You think we hide locked in fear
but the last thing you will hear
is the echo of one voice screaming justice

But while you run and hide, like a coward
who can't own their actions and face consequence
the world evolves

fear is the disease
but we have found the cure
we choose to look away from destruction of integrity
we don't succumb to primal emotions of hate
we rebuild on a foundation of love and pride
for who we are and where we're from
your war is lost quicker than it began

we refuse to diminish like you
your ideals will die when you swing form the gallows
Track Name: Genetic Perfection
Open your eyes

Trapped inside a house of mirrors
vanity reflects from all angles
failure to see passed these walls
blinded by what's right in front of you
in a twisted mind he hides
denying self worth

trying to escape, welcoming the shadow
as the sting of light follows pain.

Darkness will swallow
the strongest of souls
a cold heart passed from
generation to generation

A breed of hate mutated through time
nourished in an environment of struggle
A mentality, we grow stronger the more we suffer

Broken and beaten to rebuild stronger
the name he carries you've learned to hate

You let this go to your head
as your pride swells
fed by greed
I want to watch you bleed.

Where is god now,
does he answer your prayers
where is god now,
purified in fire
we watch this world burn
and in this act we become godless

I do not envy you
in my eyes you're already dead
I've learned to forgive myself
while you will learn
to live with regret

Lust is an overwhelming
concept to wild to cage
within a beast who hungers
and feeds his selfish needs
while some see ambitions of youth
as wasted breath upon a whores lips
while others fiend for a companion
whose solace is silence

I would rather not exist
than watch my life
turn out like this

How can you save me
when you can't save yourself
how can you save me
when you can't even safe yourself

The only law I live by
is flesh and bone
government has lost its people
but use fear to control

open your eyes and see
we are the walking dead
doomed by our neglect
of personal responsibility
blame yourself

Consume all you can, take and take
you've had your fill
as others starve around you
you will be discarded as the filth you are
atrophy personified in human waste

I would rather not exist,
than watch my life
turn out like this
I choose to be free

The world swallowed by turmoil
plummeting down the abyss
Humanity has only one hope
for salvation, to fight for change

How can you save me
when can't save your self
how can you save me
when can't even save yourself.

I will evolve I know the truth
I will not die with you
I will choose to prevail
I choose to be free
I will save myself.